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Greencastle man hits out at PSNI inaction despite many witnesses and CCTV footage of his beating by loyalists

‘Dogs in the street’ know who attacked me’

By Scott Jamison

A Newtownabbey man who was seriously assaulted by a gang of men last month has hit out at police for ‘a lack of progress’ in bringing someone to justice for the sectarian attack.

Greencastle man Danny McLarnon said  “the dogs in the street” know who carried out the attack which left him with 30 stitches in his head, a broken arm, broken nose and the loss of five teeth.

The attack happened on August 20 when Danny was jumped by loyalists during clashes outside the British Legion Club on the Old Church Road.

However despite the club handing CCTV footage of the attack over to police, to date cops have only arrested a 17-year-old male, who was released on bail pending further enquiries on August 23.

Daniel, who is a doorman at the club but was off duty on the night in question, said he was “very frustrated” that his attackers were still walking the streets while he lives with the results of his shocking experience.

The 51-year-old grandfather, who was attempting to act as peacemaker during the incident, has been unable to go on a £1,000 holiday to Spain this weekend, as he has to have an operation to place a metal plate in his hand on Monday.

“I’ve had to go out on the sick from work as I’m not capable of doing anything at the moment. But the scumbags that did this are walking about as free men without a care in the world while I’m in and out of hospital. The police need to pull their finger out. There were 10 or 15 people there that saw me get attacked, so there are plenty of witnesses that could help them out. I was told by an officer investigating it that they have 10 hours of CCTV footage from the club, so they are bound to know who they are.

“I think the cops are lagging behind in their duty. The dogs in the street know who jumped me – I’ve talked to the good people in Rathcoole and White City and they all know who it was, so why hasn’t anyone been charged?”

Daniel said the latest result of the attack was to have the metal plate fitted, which he will have done early next week.

“I spent £1,000 on a holiday to Alcudia for my partner and myself but I was meant to go on Saturday. I can’t do that now because I have to have this operation done. I’ve told my partner to go with her friend now, as it wouldn’t be right for her not to go and enjoy herself.

“That’s big money I’ve spent and it just adds to the pain I’ve suffered. The night it happened, it looked as if I had been hit by a bus. I’ve had to have my nose re-broken several times to try and fix it, and when my daughters and grandson saw me after the attack, they thought I was dead.

“The police need to stay in touch with me more and keep me posted on what’s happening in this case, and get their finger out to bring someone to justice for it.”

A PSNI spokesperson told the North Belfast News:  “Police are continuing to investigate this assault and all lines of enquiry, including viewing any available CCTV footage are being followed.”

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